Easy Turf
Easy Turf

EasyTurf’s synthetic grass is 100% family grass! There is no doubt that it is safe for the whole family.

Our playground surfaces provide your children with better cushioning for falls and better protection from cuts and abrasions, and that means fewer skinned knees. EasyTurf’s playground surfaces do not attract common yard pests or insects and require absolutely no chemicals. Unlike real grass, our hypoallergenic playground surfaces eliminate problems with grass allergies for you and your children.

Your pets will thank you for getting EasyTurf! Dogs love that it’s soft and looks and feels just like real grass. Urine will drain right through, the grass doesn’t pick up an odor, and waste won’t discolor or stain. With EasyTurf’s synthetic lawn, muddy grass and yellow spots are a thing of the past, allowing you to simply enjoy your lawn.

All EasyTurf’s products are non-toxic and contain no chemicals, helping keep your family and pets safe.

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